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KS Wellness & Nutrition Services

Free Consultation

Book a free discovery call to see if working together is the right fit for you and your goals!

1:1 Coaching

This 1-on-1 program is for those wanting a customized plan that takes your personal story, symptoms, and lab tests in to account.  The program is individualized and may include nutrition, exercise, nervous system regulation, toxin removal, rest, emotional balance plans as well as supplement protocols.

Functional Medicine Detox

Doing a 7, 14, or 21-day Functional Medicine detox is a great way to reset and reboot your body throughout the year! Get well, lose weight, live longer!

1:1 Coaching

What's included in 1-on-1 coaching?

  • An in-depth initial consultation

  • Review your health concerns and uncover the root cause of what is going on in your body using lab tests and/or health assessments.

  • A personalized plan based on your needs 

  • Nutrition education and plans

  • Exercise recommendations

  • Environmental education

  • Targeted supplement protocols

  • Toxin removal

  • Motivation to help you realize you CAN and WILL feel better!

  • 1 initial consultation, 3 follow-up appointments, continual support

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